Those who grumble “How arid it is!” as their ship approaches Bozcaada or gripe “The water’s freezing!” when they go swimming at Ayazma or grouch “Fifteen minutes and they didn’t bring even the fries” are not going to like the wind either: They’ll leave on the next ship while the rest will have fallen in love.

Esinti Otel consists of just eight rooms located in Arkadeniz in the Greek district of Bozcaada’s main town plus a cottage in the locale known as Amerikan Çeşme.


Each of the eight rooms in town is named after one of the cardinal and intercardinal winds and is decorated with a painting that depicts the wind’s identity and was done by Cemil Onay, a local artist known as “The man who paints the wind”. Each room’s key tag was individually designed by Zeynep Aksu in her glass studio on the island. Conceptually harmonious glass tiles in the bathrooms are by Karo İstanbul. Architectural design and construction work was done by Fanari Mimarlık, a local architectural practice that’s authored many creative works on the island. Our logo was created by Altuğ Atik while Esra Atik did the photography.

North (Yıldız)

Northeast (Poyraz)


Southeast (Keşişleme)

South (Güney)

Southwest (Lodos)

West (Günbatısı)

Northwest (Karayel)